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Music for Wounded Teenage Romantics on the Run under Starry Skies.


released June 20, 2014

Recorded at The Sleep, February-May 2014
Mixed/Mastered at Ridge High School
Written, recorded and produced by John Pinto
Front cover/Disk art by John Pinto
Back cover/liner notes art by Maly Marsters
copyright 2014 Gilded Talking Box Machine

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all rights reserved


Lake St. Helens Rochester, New York

Formed in a YMCA basement in November of 2011. Slo-fi.
Confusion reigns supreme.

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Track Name: Philadelphia (Cubist Livingspace)
The houses are cardboard the roofs are all roadways
People living on top of each other
You miss the warm shadow of your past and your mother
Unknown Pleasures behind every corner
Your neighbor Ian is shaking again
You wish you had some kind of home to defend

In 1938 she rose from her mother
And entered the world in a dress blue as skies
The Earth will be shaking the day that she dies
You can go walking across human bridges
As long as they're searching for something to eat
They're cursing their jobs, they're cursing their feet

I woke up and saw beauty cross my window
Her face shone sunset across valleys wide
The graves for those who have gone west and died

The darkness is filled with an empty sensation
Kids scream in the night and wine's in their blood
Their fear and their rage exploding like a flood
Track Name: Still
The snow resonates all through me, and I stand still as stone
The magic has abandoned me, gashed and overgrown
Somewhere there's a girl in clouds, above suburban dreams
Her siren calls above the storm, and comes down in sunbeams
Track Name: Saving a Drowning Moped
Now that I'm dying
Can we go flying?
Down to the startings of the shore and the ocean
We'll play in its motion
And think of problems to ignore and we won't be down
In that seaside down
As I ride around drowning on dry land in our moped
A blur of red cross sunbaked roads paved over sand and the ocean
We'll play in its motion

Pretty soon I'll disappear
So I wanna spend my last days here with you

And since we're dreaming
And the sun's beaming
In that hopeful way it often does when we go down
Before I drown
All alone the two of us as we lay there
Why don't we stay there?
Even as my lungs begin to fill cause I don't care
Soon I won't be there
Don't say if, I know I will
In my ocean
I feel its motion

Pretty soon I'll disappear
So I wanna spend my last days here with you
If you want to
Track Name: Nightsong
I love a place that doesn't exist
A watercolor world of snow
Rain burned, sun soaked paradise
I think it may be Tokyo

Or a midwest streetlamp, or a rainy day all damp
Or the smile I give to someone I love or NYC from above
Or Florida in the dead of night, holy god what a sight

I love a place that lives in sound
A deep space cosmic ohm
Indistinct, with swirling edges
Lonely, loving home

Look at your game girl
Track Name: His Amazing Soho Lovenest
He made her world go round, he gave her life
She was a toy to him, a chore a bore a sore a wife
She needed money pretty bad
She'd been cut off by mom and dad

He left his four bedroom colonial, with green grass all around
For a lovenest down in Soho where they would never be found
And way down in their vipers nest, twenty stories high
They found something inside their den that stood upon a lie

She saw him less and less, she missed him, missed his eyes
Always somewhere to go, endless trips endless goodbyes
She needed someone in her life
She didn't know he had a wife

She followed him one morning, way down to Soho
She finally had to know the truth, she finally had to know
He backed away, said "Babe, I can explain."
She said, "You fucking snake, that won't work again."
Track Name: Star (Midland Hymn #1)
Landslide, you are a wildfire, you are beneath it, the stars are near
Outside, we are a wildfire, follow me closer, the stars are here
Track Name: UFO Song (Jillandsara)
I once knew two lesbians, their names were Jill and Sara
And they chased UFO's in Sara's pickup truck
They'd drive alone at night by the light of each other's smiles
And pray for flying saucers without much luck
They didn't care everyone thought they were just like the Martians
That they spent all their time trying to find
And so they kept to their own world, everyone else to theirs
Each thinking that the other must be blind

But Sara's father thought that Jill's real name was John
And was concerned that his daughter was always gone
And so he followed her one night, and in the blazing highway lights
Saw his daughter with another girl
And thus began the end of the world

The next day Sara's father took her Ford pickup away
And told her what his father'd told him long ago
About Levictus 20:13 and the lake of fire
And how this was a phase that she'd outgrow

And so one day he took her to electroshock
Which he thought'd put an end to this lesbian talk
Sara held on through the pain, that nearly drove her insane
There under that mass of steel and chrome
When all was done there was nobody home

Jill and Sara realized there was nothing to be done
They were done with this world, it was time for a new one

So Jill and Sara headed out for one last ride
Into the quickly disappearing country side
In a sudden flash of light, they melted down into the night
The truck was all they could find the next day
They were already light years away
Track Name: Rain (Midland Hymn #6)
The rain washes down another giant day
A mosaic all cold and gray
The streetlamps illuminate a whole new world
Glowing, reflected out, and curled
A million houses colored with the falling paint
Exploding like the smile of a saint
The rain washes down another giant day
The world goes dark and goes away
Track Name: Rainboot Anarchists
They dance to the symphony of toy flutes
The anarchists in rainboots
She practices how to look too far gone
His soul spill out from his Ray Bans

They're only kids, but they've got big plans
They've got the world in the palm of their hands

She paints her art in the coolest way
His books tell him just what to say
Their in a band called Strawberry Fudge
But they fear no one, so I just can't judge

They're only kids, but they've got big plans
They've got the world in the palm of their hands
Track Name: Warm (Midland Hymn #2)
Back to start, leave the cold behind, rest your ancient mind
Rejoin with the mother heart
Track Name: Being Happy
I think all people got a fireplace
I know there's one within me
And when it's all set up and burning
They light up like a christmas tree and it's

Not as bad
Life's not so sad
Don't care if it's sappy
Being Happy

That's why I wanna sell firewood
To all the lonely souls
Get a fire burning in their insides
Warm them up and fill the holes so its

Not as bad
Life's not so sad
Power's in their hands
Out of the Badlands
Don't care if it's sappy
Being Happy
Track Name: The Hill
Let's split the atoms, cross the valleys, find the sparks
By day it's in the hills, by night it's in the parks
It's in a dizzy song, it's in a streetlamps glow
It cannot be defined by any word you know

When we can't bear the load
When our heart's explode
We'll have to move along with what we haven't crushed
And we'll still be around
Captivated by sound
And hoping that next time the end won't be so rushed

We must be closer now, we must be getting hot
But when we find it who knows if it can be caught?
It's an empty city, in a dying star
It's in a person who's been traveling very far
Track Name: Evaporate Yr. Head
He strode on down the sidewalk, the bullet hit his skull
The wound just kept on growing, growing
The hole grew like a cavern, the universe was all sucked in
And the man was all knowing, knowing

Evaporate your head, the world will look better when your mind is dry
Paint your worldview red, and you won't even be able to cry

Now he's sucked up the sidewalk, and everything there is
We're trapped and it's all growing, growing
I try to free myself, but it's hard to escape
Someone that is all knowing, knowing

And kids as bored as me, whose world feels better when it's not all there
Are drunk and floating free, they slip inside themselves and pretend they don't care

Now I fall off the sidewalk, the pavement meets my skull
And everything is flowing, flowing
I'm sure he's trying hard, but he's not helping
Even though he's all knowing, knowing

And they're as bored as me, and so they've built a world where oceans meet the land
Floating high and free, they slip inside themselves and then beneath the sand
Whole galaxies to see, stretched out across my window
My whole Earth is me, I'm the only brain that I'll ever know
Track Name: The Mountains Abstract (And Then It Is Done)
Nicole had sunstroke as she crossed the mountainside
Desperate for the shade, a little place to hide
She reached the summit as the Sun came down like rain
Then the beams breached her skull, began to kiss her brain

The mountains abstract everything from on the ground
But when you've climbed them you can see for miles around
Much closer to the sun, much closer to its love
That's what Nicole was feeling when she rose above

And she took all she learned on the mountain and told us all
And smashed everything like a twenty ton bowling ball

Nicole told everyone about what she had found
Her words flew round the world faster than their own sound
Within a week a new age of peace had begun
She saved the Earth by listening to the Sun