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teenage male apocalypse fantasies

written in school, recorded in my room


released May 28, 2015

samples from the bible, mat fraser & julie atlas muz, a bar, orson welles, morrissey, rev. dennis jones, and louis ck



all rights reserved


Lake St. Helens Rochester, New York

Formed in a YMCA basement in November of 2011. Slo-fi.
Confusion reigns supreme.

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Track Name: fish in marble
"and god said, 'let the water under the heavens be gathered together, unto one place, and let the dry land appear.' and it was so."

the end of days is coming soon
we know less about the ocean than we do about the moon
and the moon pulls the tide
and the tide builds the waves
and the waves drown the people
that jesus saves
and the fish eat the bodies
that drop from the sky
and they say life is beautiful
and i don't care why
Track Name: ed, tin starman
"you know what it was that really made me fall in love with julie was, i mean, ya, she's incredibly gorgeous and sexy, it was those damned emails. it's the brain, man. once you get in someone's brain, and you fall in love with that, your toast. i mean, i was, that was it. but, i think it would be great, to see if you remember..." "my ass" "HAHAHA"

you’re an uppercase dreamer and a lowercase schemer, we hope you get it all
ed, tin starman, you’ve gone too far man, come back inside our wall
janitor extraordinare, or maybe you’ll cut hair, dream big, live small
ref high school football, security at the mall, you won’t live to next fall
flowers of skin
cracked bone stems, razor thin
underneath the frost, they all turn blue
floating like christ
hurt feelings, black eye iced
sit around and watch the stars poke through
hanging out on clouds with you
with you

"ya, and it was the exact same, so what i said to him was..."
Track Name: funeral
it was a lovely day for a funeral
the sun was crashing through the trees
the river is deep and chilly
a plastic trash bag on dead leaves
he was a good boy, but now he’s gone
whoa oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
(oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh)

it turned out to be a good funeral
the flowers were a nice touch
the river is deep and chilly, i bet i
won’t even miss him that much
he was a good boy, but now he’s gone
he was all i had, and now he’s gone
whoa oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
(oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh)
Track Name: cold
this sixteen chapel's coming down
seasons are changing in the world above my head
i’m still alone, but i’m not suffering alone anymore
i’m warming up to my coal bed
and I will never be cold again

somebody’s tongue, forked and dancing in my ear
somebody’s hand holding mine
it’s not like I’m beautiful
it’s not like anyone else is, and that’s just fine
and I will never be cold again
Track Name: crying jags
genuine plastic trees keeping starlight form hitting your hair
and crying jags in your overstuffed room when you realize there's no one there
subway trips beyond the edge of town when you want something to brag about
but you always come back home cause you're too scared to get out

saturn, return, please block the sun, block out the burn
saturn, return, and in your shade i'll try to learn
saturn, return, i don't mean to cause concern
cause i need you hanging there
keep my eyes pointed at the air and off of the ground

planned woods, planned parenthood, planned everything you'll ever see
smiles a mile wide, we cut each other down underneath this chestnut tree
europe in the summertime, do you hear the equator's call?
or is it england, or the beach or mexico, australia, or montreal?
Track Name: asleep
she’s taken magic marker to her hair again
it was white this morning, now its black, but her hands are red
it’s just nail polish, is what she said

she’s taken razor blades to her hair again
it was long this morning, now its gone, but her wrists are red
i just want to sleep, is what she said

walls fall down for the long night, and ashes rejoicing
i can never get over you
on a hillside, standing roadside, I guess i tried
on a hillside, standing roadside, watching cars slide
Track Name: natali
natali, together, we can share the blame, we can share the shame
natali, together, we can play the game, use other peoples names
and escape the evil shadows we cast on the ground
leave our bodies where they won’t be found
leave our bodies and take a walk around
leave our bodies

natali, together, we can leave the hurt, armor made of dirt
natali, together, we’ll lie in flanders field, all the earth a shield
escape the evil shadows we cast on the ground
leave our bodies were they won’t ever be found
leave your shame behind and take a walk around
leave our bodies

natali, together, we can hang around, i'll hang you upside down, and we'll hang out on clouds

"our works in stone, in paint, in print, are spared, some of them, for a few decades or a millennium or two, but everything must finally fall in war...our songs will all be silenced, but what of it? go on singing. maybe a man's name doesn't matter all that much.”
Track Name: flowerheart (noah's demo tape)
"i think flowers are very beautiful things, very nice and innocent things."

i’m on the train, I’m going to see you
i’ve cleaned and bandaged where the rain and the blood soaked through
i’ve got stems shooting out of my veins
blossoms round my wrists in a daisy chains
if my heart breaks, just fill it with flowers
if my heart breaks, just talk to me for hours

i’m on the train, riding oceans of lightning
i can feel the wind slow, the old brakes are tightening
my roots planted in fast melting snow
it melts a little quicker every time you say hello
if you heart breaks, ill hold it together
if your heart breaks, ill hold the pieces forever
Track Name: lovely/control
i hit you last week where you asked me too
every punch, convinced we'd gone insane
i saw the marks on your face yesterday
i saw the loveliness inside of pain

i saw a man die in a movie
lovely little roses tried to grow
I get hit by some men on my walk home
lovely little roses in the snow

and all we want is control
when all we are is control
and all we want is control
but all we are is control
Track Name: these hands are clean, i am innocent
"i'll admit that i have not always understood the religious and spiritual customs of the jews; it's hard for me to relate..."

tears cut his face and mix with blood
the mountain falls into the flood
the man and the bottle begin to crack
brings the rust belt down on his sons back
they know the devil knows who they are
cause hell is the shed in their backyard
he knows the devil knows his name
cause the devil always says there’s only him to blame

these hands are clean, i am innocent

the earth is burned and clean and new
black as the night we return to
house fires keep the dark away for now
but you can’t grow food if all you do is plough
look at that flag burning in the breeze
rising above the plastic trees
i know the devil he knows my name
cause i hunted the lamb like some stupid game

these hands are clean, i am innocent
Track Name: ghost child, house fires, night swimming
Track Name: heavenly bodies
i think this time last year i still believed in god
didn't think it was so odd
so now i really need this crutch
and i've dreamt about it too
heavenly bodies and you
showing me where and what to touch
and you were dancing behind glass
barriers i couldn't pass
but lord knows i could feel
then you said i could go free
and it was heavenly
and it couldn't be less real

so how am i gonna trust you if i can't trust my own mouth when it gets away from me
and how will i ignore these messages from way down south
what on earth has happened to me

and it was warm and safe and good
it was like everything should
and then it shattered on the crack of dawn
god and i are having a divorce
we tried to make things work, of course,
but now he'll just have to move on

"if there is a god, then that dude is an asshole, which i know is not a popular belief, but i do think he's an asshole..."

so how am i gonna trust you if i can't trust my own tongue when it gets away from me
and how will i ignore these messages from when i was young
what on earth has happened to me

"and abraham says 'why?' 'well, cause you don't love me, if you don't do it!'"