Wool Monhegan Atlas

by Lake St. Helens

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3 new songs about the middle of the night, an island, and grief.
3 new songs about impulsiveness, a girl standing in front of a kitchen window, and a fictional boy inspired by a real one.


released September 5, 2014

John - Guitar, Vocals, Drums, Programming, Bass, Other Instruments
Samples from Long Island Medium and a news broadcast.



all rights reserved


Lake St. Helens Rochester, New York

Formed in a YMCA basement in November of 2011. Slo-fi.
Confusion reigns supreme.

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Track Name: Watercolors
The other day on the radio, there was a priest talking about where the bad people go
Like he knows
Eating shortbread on a rainy day, painting a picture of a French café in the basement
In that watercolor way

Van Gogh would blush
To see you rush through everything

And I'm sorry for Morrissey, but I just can't take him seriously
Cause in his back pocket grows a tree
What does he have that's not in me? Must be my youthful, stupid urgency
That holds me back from what I could be

Morrissey would blush
To see me rush
and Greta Kline, thank you
For showing me where to go and what to do
Track Name: Hair (Sleepy)
Hair, everywhere
And blood and policemen blue
Black hair and words I can't understand
A cracked window too
And I feel like my center is a million miles away
I'm red and blurry, have no words to say
My allergies are acting up, I wish I felt older
A comforting hand is on my shoulder

And I can't see
And I'm not me

A blade in the shade
Track Name: Josef, German Boy from Last Year
I'm waiting at your door
It's finally summer, and I'm back for more
And you're just as sincere
As you were last year

I hope you never cry a single tear
Josef, the German boy from last year

Come down to the lake
With my parent's wine and your birthday cake
We'll lie there on the shore
And next year, I'll be back for more

I hope you never cry a single tear
Josef, the German boy from last year